Wonderstanding Japan Limited is committed to the innovation and application of emerging technologies to develop entertainment properties that reach an international audience across multiple platforms.

Whether it's animation, live action film or video games, we are on the cutting edge of what will inspire and entertain a continually evolving global audience.

Rashad Haughton ラシャード・ホットン

Rashad Haughton is the founding partner and CEO of Wonderstanding Japan Limited and Wonderstanding Productions LLC (2012-Present). He is also the President of Aaliyah LLC and the Aaliyah Memorial Fund (2002 - Present) which donates annually to various charities and causes around the globe. As a writer/director, his films include the REMI award winning "Muga Shozoku" (2015), and the Japan VFX award winning "Love Like Aliens" (2011), along with "Chrysalis" (2006), "Divinity" (2005) and "The Mim Rose" (1999).

ワンダースタンディングジャパン共同設立者兼CEO、米国Wonderstanding Productions LLC共同設立者兼CEOを兼任中(2012年-現在)。
Dana One, Inc.にて、レコーディング・アーティストであり、 自身の妹でもあるアリーヤのクリエイティブ・コンサルタントを務めた。
アリーヤの目覚しい成功の陰の立役者として、彼女のヒット・ミュージック・ ビデオ『4 Page Letter』の脚本・共同監督、ヒット曲『Death of a Playa』の作詞・作曲を行い、アリーヤ主演映画『クイーン・オブ・ザ・ヴァンパイア』では撮影後のADR処理に参画。
2002年よりAaliyah LLC並びにAaliyah Memorial Fundでも代表を務めている。
監督 / 脚本家としてはRemi award受賞作品’’Muga Shozoku’’やJapan VFX award受賞作品’’Love Like Aliens’’、"Chrysalis" (2006), "Divinity" (2005) and "The Mim Rose" (1999)などがある。

Yosuke Nagafuchi 長渕陽介

Early in life, Yosuke Nagafuchi embarked on an international journey which landed him at the esteemed art and design school Central Saint Martins. There he acquired an array of unique skills that put him in a position to become one of the premiere producers in Japan and ultimately, the world.

He produced his first ground-breaking animated short "Love Like Aliens" which screened at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas. The film was awarded the Special Jury Prize which was presented to him and director Rashad Haughton on live television during a U.S. television news broadcast. The film also won the nationally recognized Japan VFX award for excellence in digital effects.

Yosuke's production of the film "Muga Shozoku" was honored with a REMI Jury Award for best Sci-Fi film with director Rashad Haughton at the renowned 48th Annual Houston Worldfest International Film Festival. He is currently developing a feature length version of "Muga Shozoku" along with several other high profile Japanese IP projects to be sold and produced with Hollywood.

英国Central Saint Martins大学を卒業後、ロンドンのデザイン会社にCGデザイナーとして入社。

現在はWONDERSTANDING JAPANで、プロデューサーとして映画を中心に音楽、ゲーム、ブランドなどをプロデュースし、2015年にはハリウッド大手プロダクション複数社とのアライアンスを成功させ価値の高い国内作品の海外映像化権を獲得。


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